When It May Be Necessary To Remove A Tree From Your Restaurant Grounds

A beautiful tree is a nice addition to your restaurant grounds as long as it is along the perimeter and out of the way. While the tree might provide a nice view for diners from your windows, if you have a tree that's grown so large that it's become a problem, or if you have a sick tree or damaged tree on your property, you may need to call a tree removal service to remove the tree for safety reasons. These are times to consider removing a tree from a commercial lot and an overview of the process.

When Removing A Tree Might Be Necessary

The main concern with a troublesome tree on your lot is a liability. Even healthy trees shed small branches all the time, and if the tree is near where people walk, there's always a concern of a branch falling and hitting one of your customers or someone passing by. When a storm blows through, the risk of damage from a tree is even greater. Although people may not be walking by in a storm, the tree might drop a limb on a car.

There's also a risk that a tree that is too close to your building could fall on the roof and put you out of business until repairs could be done. Any time a tree is a potential danger to your employees, your building, or the public, consider having it removed so you're not responsible for hurting a person or property.

How Trees Are Removed On Commercial Property

Trees are removed the same way from your restaurant grounds as they would be from a residential lot, except there are special considerations. With people coming and going all the time, care has to be taken to block off the area and keep people away. You might want to schedule the work for a time when business is usually slow, such as in the early morning, and have workers stop during busy lunch hours so there is no noise to disturb your customers and no trucks to take up parking places.

You might have to get permission from the city to remove a mature tree, especially if it is healthy. Another consideration with removing a tree from your restaurant lot is that you'll want the stump removed too. A stump left behind is unsightly and would detract from the appearance of your grounds and could give customers a bad impression of your restaurant.

Tree removal isn't always a quick process, so you'll want to plan the work for a slow time of the year for your restaurant if you have one. You may need to set up an alternate walkway toward your door to keep customers far from the work area until the job is complete.

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