The Summer Tree Trimming Guide To Help You Deal With Hot Weather Problems

When the summer months come, new growth starts to sprout on trees. Warmer temperatures also mean that problems with insects, disease, and storm damage are going to be something you have to deal with this summer. Therefore, you want to know how to deal with the problems before they cause major damage to your trees.

The problems with trees during the summer months often start with new growth and insect infestations. During years with more rain, problems with fungus and disease can be other issues that you have to deal with to keep trees healthy. The following tree trimming guide will help you deal with these problems during the summer months:

Start with Treating Insect Infestations—As warmer weather gets here, insects around your home become more active. Infestations can be a problem for the health of your trees. The insect problems may start as minor issues in trees and can grow to be major infestations as the weather gets warmer. Therefore, you want to treat insects in trees before they kill the trees or cause problems inside your home. You can use sprays and trim branches that are dying or have nests to help fight the problems with insects before warm temperatures cause them to get out of control.

Fungus Growth that Starts With Rains—Some years are rainy, and others are drier. The wetter seasons can cause problems with fungus growing on trees. If these problems are not treated, they can affect the health of trees. There are things that can be done to combat and prevent fungus on trees. First, make sure to have tree trimming done to thin the canopy and allow more sunlight to penetrate branches. Also, remove dying branches with a lot of fungi.

Problems with Diseases that Affect Trees—The trees on your property can also be affected by the disease. These diseases can spread and affect the health of trees. Therefore, the problems with the disease need to be treated with different methods. You may want to have the diseased growth trimmed or contact a tree service for help with the removal of the affected trees.

Dealing with Storm Damage Problems—The summer months can also bring severe weather that causes damage to trees. Damage to trees could be just weakened branches, or it could be a serious problem. When there is storm damage to trees, the weak branches will need to be trimmed and the trees pruned to give them a healthy shape again.

These are the problems with trees that you are going to have to deal with during the summer months. Contact a tree trimming service for help with the pruning and other care that needs to be done during the warm season.

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