Stump Removal Options: Cheap And Slow VS Costly And Quick

Tree stumps on your property are often an eyesore. This is especially true when you have landscaping plans that don't include an unsightly clump of wood protruding from the ground.

The good news is that stumps don't have to be costly or difficult to remove, so they don't have to ruin your gardening and landscaping plans. The question is: do you want it gone cheaply or are you willing to pay to remove it?

Here's how to decide.

Cheap But Slow Method

As long as a viable root system remains under the stump, it lives on! So, the stump has to be removed roots and all.

One cheap, do-it-yourself method is to use Epson salts to kill the entire stump and root system. Epsom salts kill the stump by removing all moisture from the stump and root system. This kills the entire stump. It rots and breaks down for easier removal.

The easiest way to use Epsom salts is to use the drenching and soaking method.

  • Mix a gallon of Epsom salts with two gallons of water
  • Pour the mixture over the stump, including any exposed roots
  • Use a tarp to cover the stump and exposed roots

Be patient. This method can take several months before the stump completely dries out and begins to decompose naturally.

Costly But Quick Method

If you need that stump gone yesterday, then consider hiring stump removal services. Professionals do charge about a minimum of $100 for stump removal, but depending on the size of the stump, the cost can be much higher.

While hiring a tree service is going to cost more than buying Epson salts, the professionals have the equipment to grind the stump. Hiring a stump removal service with a grinder is the quickest stump removal method.

Grinding demolishes the stump and turns it into wood you can use as composting material. And the stump is gone the same day. Professionals also have other means and equipment for stump removal to ensure the problem is solved quickly and you can start planting and landscaping right away.

Tree services offer a variety of removal methods.

  • Grinding method
  • Backhoe removal
  • Chemical removal

Your choice to hire a professional or go it alone depends on your budget and how fast you need the stump gone. A tree service can also answer any questions you may have about stump removal to help you make a decision. 

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