Key Reasons That Swimming Pools And Tree Do Not Go Well Together

Many homeowners view owning their own swimming pools as a way to enjoy private recreation and relaxation. Some of them may also think that having trees near their swimming pools is a good way to add to the ambiance with a touch of sophistication and beautification. It sounds like beautiful trees and swimming pools would be a "perfect match." The two seem to complement each other at first glance. However, this seeming idyllic combo may not be the best idea. The following points will help you understand why you should be cautious about having trees on your property and the issues that can impact your pool ownership.

Dangerous, Dead or Sick Trees

Do not make the mistake of thinking that all problematic trees have issues that are evident by looking at them. Some diseased trees may not be obviously sick, and there are also trees that may have certain portions that are rotting. This means that whole trees or portions of trees could fall onto persons or pets and cause bodily damage if they are involved in activities near your pool. Fallen trees and branches can also damage pool accessories.

Complex Root Growth

Tree roots may naturally grow towards areas where swimming pools are located. This phenomenon can occur when trees seek out moisture-rich environments. The end result may be beautiful trees and a beautiful landscape that is putting the aesthetics of the pool and having a pool in jeopardy. The roots can extend and grow beneath swimming pools. This can cause deformities in the pool's surface. It can also be a potential threat to the integrity of pools if the roots grow through the pool material and damage the pool. 

Pest Nuisances and Dangers 

Some pests favor areas where water is located. Bugs such as ants and mosquitoes can interfere with pool enjoyment. Your family or guests could get bitten by them. Some infected mosquitoes harbor bloodborne diseases and can spread them to humans. Other pests that like trees, such as squirrels and birds, may leave droppings that harbor harmful bacteria. 

A tree service provider is a good resource to learn more about issues you could face if you have trees on your property that are located in areas that could impact your pool. They can provide a number of services to minimize the risks and identify them in a timely manner. Advanced issues with tree root systems may involve intensive tree removal techniques to prevent significant property damage. This is why some individuals decide to opt for tree removals before issues worsen or arise.

To learn more about when to remove trees, contact a tree removal service.

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