Sprinkler Systems And Trees: Repairs And Improvements To Prevent Irrigation Line Damage

Irrigation lines and sprinklers are crucial to have a lush and green landscaping design. They can also have problems due to trees, roots, and lawn equipment, which is why you may be looking for repairs. The repairs are the first step in preventing sprinkler system damage around your trees. Here are some sprinkler repair and improvement solutions to help prevent damage to the irrigation systems around your trees:

  • Install risers to protect sprinkler heads that you replace—The sprinkler heads of your irrigation system can easily be chopped off with a weed-eater or lawnmower. Therefore, one of the most common repairs that you will have done is replacing sprinkler heads. When you have the sprinkler heads replaced, ask the repair contractor about installing risers to keep the heads below the soil level to prevent them from being damaged by lawn equipment.
  • Protect lines from leaks due to heavy tree branches—The sprinkler systems that have lines below trees are vulnerable to damage caused by branches and debris falling on them. Therefore, they may need to be replaced if a heavy branch has fallen and damaged the line. To prevent this damage—the lines can be moved to safer locations, or they can be installed inside a wider PVC pipe that protects the line from damage due to heavy tree debris.
  • Replacing lines damaged by tree roots and protecting them—Roots can cause a lot of damage to household plumbing, but they can also cause damage to your irrigation lines. Therefore, the damaged lines might need to be replaced, and a root barrier system installed to help stop the damage from happening. In addition, installing the lines inside of a wider pipe can also help prevent the root damage that is common near trees.
  • Sprinkler alternatives for more efficient tree irrigation solutions—There are also more efficient sprinkler alternatives that you should consider for trees and other plants in landscaping. Drip irrigation lines are an excellent solution to keep the soil around the roots of trees moist and nutrient-rich. Drip irrigation lines are less vulnerable to damage because they are installed about the soil, and they are more efficient because they use a lot less water than conventional sprinkler heads that are used for lawns.

The sprinkler repairs that you need due to problems with trees can be improved with some of these solutions. Contact a sprinkler repair service for help fixing tree damage and preventing it from happening again.

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