Common Tree Lopping Misconceptions You Shouldn't Believe

Tree lopping plays an essential role in a tree's life, just like regular pruning or trimming. It helps eliminate the diseased or dead parts of the tree, improve its appearance, save the tree after a natural disaster like lightning, enhance safety on your premises, and boost the tree's overall health. 

Regardless of all these benefits, some people still spread misconceptions that make most property owners shy away from seeking tree lopping services. This post will be debunking some popular misconceptions you might have heard but shouldn't believe.

The rules of tree lopping are standard for all trees

The myth that tree lopping rules are the same for all trees is just misleading. Different trees have different compositions and growth rates. Of course, some basic tree lopping principles need to be applied for every tree, but the execution varies from one species or condition to another. 

Trees are different even in the way they soak up energy from the sun, so the technique that might be perfect for one tree may not be ideal for another. So, the lopping needs of each tree must be considered separately.

The procedure isn't necessary when you have an unstable tree

Sometimes, sections of your mature trees can get damaged or diseased or become hollow. This makes the tree susceptible to heavy rains, strong winds, and other adverse weather conditions. The tree's weak parts will break apart and fall on your roofing, car, tank, or any other structure you may have on your property. 

Things may even get out of hand if your loved ones, livestock, or pets are under such trees when the incident happens. The best way to avoid and neutralize potential danger associated with unstable trees is to seek tree lopping services. The professionals will assess the tree's health and then determine if tree lopping is the best option instead of standard pruning.

You can handle tree lopping on your own

This is yet another misconception people have. Just because you're accustomed to trimming your flowers and shrubs doesn't mean that you can handle complex projects like tree lopping. In order to be competent, you will need to know how the tree reacts to every cut you make. 

As such, it's advisable to hire a tree service company to handle the project on your behalf. The specialists dispatched to your home will be trained, making it easier for them to assess the trees and determine if they need to be lopped. They will also have the right tools and equipment for the job, enabling them to do a proficient job that promotes tree growth.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers tree services.

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