Five Mosquito Misting System Tips

The buzz of mosquitoes can ruin a summer night spent outdoors. Not only are these bloodsuckers annoying, but they also carry a painful bite and they can spread disease. A misting system may be the key to controlling the pests.

1. Leave No Openings

A misting system only works if it creates a barrier around your entire yard, otherwise, the pests will find their way in and congregate in areas that aren't being actively misted. For most landscapes, this means that the systems are installed around the entire perimeter of the yard, often along the fence lines. It is also possible to install the system only around the backyard gathering area, such as around the perimeter of a patio or deck, just don't leave any openings.

2. Opt for Tankless

The original misting systems required large tanks of pesticides to be stored on the property. The new tankless models are much better. They still have a small inline tank, which is hooked into a water supply that feeds the system. The inline tank contains a concentrated pesticide that is then diluted by water feeding into the system. It is much less noticeable than the tank variety of spray systems.

3. Know the Trouble Spots

Some areas of your yard are more likely to harbor mosquitoes than others, so you want to concentrate the spray emitters in these areas. Generally, any area under dense foliage and tree cover is more prone to mosquitoes, as are areas that are moist, humid, or harbor water. A few extra emitters under a shade tree canopy or near your backyard water feature may be necessary to fully control the pests.

4. Maintain the System

A mosquito spray system does require some basic maintenance to ensure that it is working when you need it most. The nozzles should be cleaned monthly to ensure they do not clog. Your installer will show you how to do this, but the common method is by running only the water, minus the pesticide, through the nozzles, or remove them and soaking them in vinegar or another cleaner. The lines will also require draining prior to winter so they don't freeze. Weekly checks for leaks in the lines are also necessary so any repairs can be made promptly.

5. Use Proper Timing

Mosquito spray systems are typically automatic, but you need to schedule when they operate. Generally, they should go off about an hour before sunset, at sunset, and an hour after sunset, as these are the most active times for mosquitoes. If the pests persist later into the night, you may want to also have it spray two hours after sunset.

Contact a mosquito service in your area to learn more about misting systems.

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