Trim Or Remove Trees When You Need To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Investment Property

If you've bought an old house to fix up and flip or to rent, you'll have to clean up the yard and renovate the house. If the property was neglected, the trees might be growing against the house or there might even be trees growing in troublesome areas. A tree care company can help you get the trees in order so your yard has an attractive curb appeal. Here are some things you may want the tree trimming company to do.

Get Tree Branches Away From The House

If you plan to rent the house, you probably don't want to cut trees back every year or so with DIY trimming. Instead, you may want the tree care company to cut back branches that are growing toward the house. This might involve removing a limb or cutting off lower limbs or branches.

When that's done, you won't have to worry about tree branches causing damage to the roof or house if you rent it. Plus, when branches are cleared away, the house will get more sun, and that can help control mildew and pests. Future buyers may also be more interested in a home where trees won't pose a threat to the house or roof.

Remove Young Trees That Are In Problem Areas

If trees are starting to grow up near the foundation of your house, you might be able to remove those yourself if they're still small. If the trees are too large for you to handle, have the tree trimming company remove them before they get big and more difficult to manage. When the trees get bigger, they could damage the foundation or grow against the siding or roof. Trees that are too close to the house could be a problem for potential buyers who know the trees have to go sooner or later.

Another area where trees can cause problems is around power lines. Identify the type of trees you have so you can learn their height potential. If it looks like the trees will grow into power lines in the years to come, it's best to remove them while they're smaller and less expensive to have removed.

Remove Dead And Excess Growth

If the trees haven't been trimmed in years, they may have dead branches that need to be cut off. The trees might also need to be trimmed to get rid of low branches that could be a hazard to people walking in the yard. It's worth having trees trimmed so their appearance is improved and your property is more attractive, especially if you plan to put the home on the market.

Trimming excess growth allows more sun to hit the yard and sidewalks. This helps eliminate musty odors in your yard that might concern people looking to rent or buy your home. Contact a tree trimming service for more information. 

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