Tree Stump 101: Why You Should Remove It

If there's a tree in your yard that you need to have removed, you've probably been talking with a tree removal contractor about the job. Having the tree professionally removed is the best solution for ensuring everyone's safety. However, you may not realize that tree removal services don't automatically include the removal of the tree stump. Usually, tree removal only includes removal of the part of the tree that's cut down. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should request that your tree removal contractor remove the stump as well.

Harbors Pests

When a tree stump is left in your yard, the exposed portion of the stump is vulnerable to pest infestations. This becomes increasingly likely as that stump starts to rot because it makes it a more attractive target for certain pests.

Any time you have a fixture on your property that's attractive to pests, your home is at increased risk of pest infestation. Additionally, you'll have an increased pest population in your yard. Everything from termites to carpenter bees and more will nest inside an exposed tree stump, leaving you to fight the population on your property.

Removing the tree stump as well as the tree will eliminate the open invitation to pests to make their home in the tree's remains. Instead, you just fill in the hole where the tree used to be and there's nothing more to be concerned about.

Poses Safety Risks

Another reason to request tree stump removal and the tree is the safety hazard that a tree stump can pose. A tree present in your yard is pretty easy to see since it stands well within the line of sight.

Tree stumps, on the other hand, are pretty low to the ground. As a result, they can sometimes be harder to see, especially at night. If someone is on your property and trips over a barely visible tree stump, you can be held liable for their injuries because you were aware of a safety hazard on your property and didn't take the steps to address it.

Can Damage Other Trees

You might think that a tree stump poses no threat at all to the rest of the trees on your property, and that could be seen as a reasonable assumption. However, the truth is that leaving a tree stump unaddressed on your property can pose a risk to the rest of the trees in the vicinity. 

Just as the exposed stump can be vulnerable to pest infestations, it can also be vulnerable to disease. That exposed layer of the stump is no longer protected by bark, so microbes, bacteria, and other threats can access the wood directly. Any disease that affects the stump may pass to the roots and then be disseminated to other trees on the property through the root system and the soil. The sooner you have a tree service remove the stump, the safer the rest of your trees will be. To learn more information, reach out to a company such as Live On Tree Service.

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