Should You Remove A Landscape Tree?

Making the decision on whether or not to remove a landscape tree can be hard. The answers to the following questions may help you make the best decision when it comes to tree removal

Are there obvious health issues?

Disease, insect pests, and storm damage can all be hazardous to trees. If a tree appears to be suffering from health issues it is important to have it assessed by a tree service. A tree in poor health can be a fall hazard, which can lead to damage to anything below or even an injury to someone beneath the tree. Removal may be necessary for safety reasons.

Is the tree endangering your home?

Trees can pose a danger to your home. Overgrown branches can scrape off shingles, break windows, or scrape against the siding. Roots encroaching upon the foundation can cause ground shifts or even crack the foundation. Sometimes a tree can be trimmed to solve the problem, but often removal is the best solution. 

Does the shade impact home comfort?

Too much shade can be a problem that necessitates tree removal. The wrong tree in the wrong location can be a major comfort problem. For example, you may need more natural light in the home, but the tree is blocking the main windows. Or perhaps you want winter sunlight to warm the home, but a conifer tree shades out the south side of your house. 

Is the tree messy?

Some trees can be a hassle due to the mess they create. Do you have a tree that drops a lot of unwanted fruits, leaving a mess on the sidewalk or lawn and attracting pests? Or perhaps the tree is dropping a lot of leaves every fall, or even shedding branches and twigs. If you can't keep up with the mess or if it is affecting your quality of life, then it may be time to remove the tree.

Are the branches a nuisance?

Branches that cross over a sidewalk or onto a neighbor's property can be a real nuisance. If you constantly have to trim back the branches because they are in the way or blocking needed passages, then you may want to consider removing the tree instead of constantly trying to keep it trimmed and out of the way. Sometimes tree removal and then replanting with a more appropriately sized plant is the best solution. 

Contact a tree removal service if you need more guidance.

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