Tree Trimming Versus Tree Shaping

Tree trimming removes dead weight and provides healthy branches with plenty of room to grow. Tree shaping involves using pruning shears or framing materials to manipulate the shape of a tree and the manner in which it grows. The following information will describe trimming and shaping practices and may help you determine if your trees are in need of one or both services.


Trimming branches should be conducted when a tree is not active (dormant season). A tree service company will use sharp tools that are designed to make clean cuts at the end of the branches that are being trimmed. Trimming can reestablish the classic shape of a tree, remove damaged materials, and prompt growth during the next season when a tree will not be dormant.

A clean cut is like a wound to a tree. If cuts are made during an active season, a tree is more susceptible to a pest infestation. An arborist or a tree specialist may leave each cut area uncovered. A series of cells will form over each branch ending and will seal off the cut areas. During a tree trimming session, a trimming crew may use a bucket truck or a ladder. Tall trees will contain many branches that are elevated and will necessitate the use of equipment that can be used to lift each crew member who will be providing trimming services. 


Many arborists and tree specialists offer both trimming and shaping services. Shaping involves providing a tree with a distinct outline. For instance, an evergreen owner may wish to have a series of trees shaped to look like cones, or they may prefer to use circles and other shapes to add fancy designs to the top, middle, or bottom of a tree. Shaping may involve using a stabilizing device that branches will be attached to.

If this type of shaping strategy is used, pruning may be conducted first. Afterward, branches will be stabilized. These branches will eventually be 'trained' to grow in a specific direction. There are also shaping techniques that rely solely upon the cutting skills of a tree team.

Trees that don't grow relatively long branches and that are noted for their compact needle, leaf, or branch style may fare better with the sole use of pruning shears. Shaping can consist of a basic or intricate design. Shaping a tree can be conducted on a young or a mature tree. Since branches will be clipped during the shaping process, standard tree trimming services may not always be needed.

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