Tree Care Tips Any Homeowner Can Follow

Trees are pretty independent as far as plants go. You don't typically need to water them unless there is a major drought. They don't attract many pests, and they can live for centuries. With all that being said, however, taking proper care of your trees will help keep them healthier and better-looking. Luckily, tree care does not have to be complicated. There are a few simple things you can do that will go a long way towards promoting better tree health.

Remove Dead Branches When You See Them

Sometimes a few branches on the tree may die, either due to disease or simply old age. If you happen to see these dead branches and you can do so safely, remove them. There are a couple of reasons this is important. First, removing dead branches will prevent the tree from sinking any more resources into branches that aren't healthy and growing, meaning those resources can instead go to branches that are alive and thriving. Second, removing potentially diseased branches can help prevent any disease from spreading to the rest of the tree.

Clean Up Underneath the Trees

Raking leaves in the fall is often seen as something you should do for appearance's sake. But fall leaf cleanup is an important part of tree care, too. The leave that fall off the tree soon become wet, and as soon as there are a few nice, warm days, fungi begin growing within them. Some of these fungi can cause diseases such as leaf spot disease. Raking up the leaves soon after they fall is a lot easier than treating a tree for a fungal infection. Make sure you dispose of them far from the trees so they don't just harbor fungi anyways.

Don't Bring Raw Wood Onto Your Land

This one is more something to avoid doing, rather than something to do. Raw firewood often contains pests and fungi that can compromise your tree's health. If you must bring wood onto your land, make sure it is either kiln-dried or aged for several years, as that will help ensure it is free from pests and fungi. Also, store the wood off the ground so it does not become moist and attract pests that could then invade your trees.

If any of these tree care tactics are too much for you to handle, then remember you can always call a residential tree care company to help you out. Good luck!

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