3 Safety Guidelines That Tree Service Experts Follow When Removing Dead Tree

Certain circumstances might necessitate the cutting down of a tree on your property. For example, if the tree has suffered storm damage, is drying up, or has a disease, you will have no option but to remove it for your safety. However, the tree felling process is risky, and you need to be careful to avoid all liabilities that come with it. Here are three safety guidelines that tree care experts recommend that you follow when removing dead trees. 

Wearing the Recommended Safety Gear

The person cutting down the tree is usually at the highest risk of getting injuries if something goes wrong. Experts recommend that you consider all the things that can go wrong and wear clothes that protect you from danger. For example, if you have to lop the tree before felling it, you should think about the risk of falling from a height. Wearing the right protective gear includes fall arrest systems that minimize your injuries if you trip. Additionally, the cutting tools often lead to shards of timber flying everywhere. Also, protect your face with safety goggles. Hard hats protect the head from falling branches, while the right shoes protect your feet. You should invest in all this safety gear if you are in the vicinity of the falling tree. 

Understanding the Felling Zone

It is common for people to assume that the tree will follow the path they have in mind once they cut it down. However, this does not always happen. You can estimate the felling zone using the trick that involves using an ax handle. If you cannot gauge where the tree will fall, call in the tree removal professional to handle it for you. 

Having an Escape Route

Planning the felling zone is an excellent way to ensure that the tree does not destroy your property or cause you injuries. However, sometimes your tree does not follow the path you have set out for it. In this case, you need an escape route. Start by clearing a cutting zone and having two alternate ways of escape. It will help you minimize the chances of suffering injuries as you cut down the tree.

These are crucial guidelines to follow when handling the tree cutting process. The best way to deal with felling trees without compromising your safety is by letting the experts do it. They will help you avoid mistakes and liabilities from injuries and damages.

Contact a tree removal service to learn more. 

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