Consequences Of Failing To Remove Tree Stumps

Once you bring down an unwanted tree, a stump will remain. You should know that this leftover tree trunk consumes valuable space in your yard, which is vital for landscaping. In addition, stumps can be a blot on the yard, detracting from your curb appeal. Therefore, you should employ the services of an arborist for stump removal. They will inspect and secure the work site and remove this problematic tree part safely from your property. The following are the consequences of failing to schedule this service.

They Attract Pests

After cutting a tree, the stump dies, and the wood decomposes. Subsequently, rotting wood attracts pathogens and insects, which take refuge in this site. As a result, pests will feed on the wood and later migrate to your house. Note that these pests may consume your food supplies and wreak havoc on other surrounding plants. Additionally, a dead stump will attract mold and mildew as they feed on organic matter, affecting the outdoor air quality. Thus, removing this part of the tree is best to ward off wood-boring insects and microbial growth from your home.

They Are Tripping Hazards

A leftover tree trunk can be an eyesore as well as a tripping hazard. Note that while you may accustom yourself to the stump and avoid it easily, guests can trip over it while hovering around your property and hurt themselves. On the other hand, a stump may hinder your lawnmower from navigating around the area, leading to the growth of pesky weeds. Therefore, contact an arborist to get rid of it and eliminate the risk of tripping in your yard.

They Can Grow

While some stumps may die once you cut the tree, others may put forth shoots around them. Consequently, these plants can leech moisture and nutrients from the soil. Moreover, these shoots will suppress the growth of the surrounding plants, making them look deficient. So, if you neglect to remove the stump, multiple trunks can sprout, increasing the cost of removing it in the future.

They Diminish Your Property Value

A rotting tree stump attracts wood-boring insects that eat through it, making it unsightly. As a result, a leftover stump wards off potential buyers from your property as they perceive it as slack in maintenance. Furthermore, the continued growth of a stump may lead to roots invading underground utility lines, depreciating your property's value.

As you can see, a stump can cause gradual damage if you fail to remove it promptly. Thus, you should hire a tree service to eliminate the stump for your yard's improved safety.

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