Professional Tree Trimming Isn't Just For Large Trees

If your property contains several large trees, you probably already know you need a professional service to handle your pruning and trimming needs. Large trees present numerous hazards and trimming them yourself can be dangerous. On the other hand, leaving these trees unmaintained creates the potential for falling branches and increased susceptibility to disease, pests, and death.

However, large trees aren't the only ones that require periodic maintenance and trimming. Taking care of the smaller trees on your property is also important, and you may want to consider leaving this task to a professional tree trimming service.

Why Do Trees Need Trimming?

There are many misconceptions and myths regarding tree trimming. Many homeowners believe that trimming is purely cosmetic or that it's only necessary to trim dead or dying branches. Instead, trimming and pruning serve several practical purposes, and both tasks are potentially crucial for maintaining a safe and attractive yard.

Why are these steps necessary when trees growing naturally in the forest don't receive pruning and trimming? The simple answer is that there are different expectations for safety and appearance regarding trees growing in a human-inhabited area. A tree splitting or falling in the forest is unlikely to be an issue, but that certainly isn't the case for your yard!

Trimming helps to keep trees at a size that's both desirable and maintainable. Without trimming, most trees will eventually grow far too large, making them difficult to maintain, unsightly, and more prone to pests and diseases. Ultimately, unmaintained trees in a yard may live shorter lives or collapse in ways that can threaten property or cause injuries.

Why Do Small Trees Require Professional Trimming?

Waiting until trees are large and out of control before starting annual maintenance can produce numerous significant drawbacks. For example, your trees may grow much larger than you want or intend, and there may be fewer options for controlling their growth. Starting with a trimming plan while your trees are still young can help ensure they remain at an appropriate size and shape.

While you may be able to trim your trees while they're still very small, even moderately-sized trees can pose hazards. Additionally, incorrect or excessive trimming can harm a tree, stunting its growth or increasing the likelihood of the problems normally solved by trimming. A professional will know how to trim your trees to achieve your goals without harming the plant's health.

Most importantly, starting early with annual trimming and maintenance of your trees can help ensure that they grow in a safe and sustainable way. These trees will potentially live longer lives and better withstand pests, diseases, severe weather, and other threats.

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