Signs of a Diseased Tree and Why Tree Removal is Important

What happens when a tree becomes diseased? Not only can it affect the appearance of your yard, but it can also pose a safety risk. Here are some of the signs of a diseased tree, the signs that tree removal may be necessary, and why it's important to act fast.

Signs of a Diseased Tree

Dead or Declining Branches

Sometimes, branches die off naturally, but if they appear to have no leaves or growth while the other branches on the tree appear normal, it’s a sign of a problem.


Any type of discoloration on the tree’s leaves, bark, or branches could be a sign of disease. Yellow or brown leaves or bark that seems to be peeling away or has strange growths are indicators that something may be wrong.

Weak or Brittle Wood

If you notice that your tree has become more fragile than it used to be and its wood is starting to feel brittle and weak, it could be a sign that your tree has a disease or is experiencing stress from factors such as drought.

Trunk Damage

Inspect your tree’s trunk closely. Cracks, crevices, and missing bark are signs that your tree may be in danger. Fungal growths can also form around the base of the trunk, indicating decay or disease.

Signs That Tree Removal May Be Necessary

Lack of Growth

Trees that are struggling to grow or showing signs of decay are likely to require removal. Trees normally grow and flourish within their environment, but if a tree is struggling to grow, despite your efforts to help it along, it's likely diseased beyond repair and poses a hazard to property and people.

Large Dead Wood

A tree that has died completely can be a danger to your property, neighbors, and anyone in the surrounding area. Dead trees can fall at any time due to stress on the remaining limb structure, and as a safety precaution, they need to be removed as soon as possible.

Close Proximity to Property

Trees that are located too close to houses, garages, sheds, and other structures can cause extensive damage when they fall. If a tree must be removed because it is diseased, it’s important to have a plan in place for safe tree removal.

Why it’s important to act quickly and remove the tree

Safety Reasons

Diseased trees pose significant safety risks. When a tree is left untreated and continues to deteriorate, the limbs may fall off unexpectedly, or the tree may fall over completely.

Property Damage Prevention

Trees can cause severe damage to surrounding structures, such as houses, cars, and neighboring properties, if they fall or lose their branches. Removal of a diseased tree can prevent these types of accidents from happening.

Reach out to a company that offers tree removal services to learn more.

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