4 Things You Need To Schedule For Your Trees This Spring

Warmer weather and longer days are sure signs of spring. There is no better time to get outside and check the condition of your plants and trees. While your trees have been hibernating for the last few months, harsh winter weather can take a toll. Fortunately, there are several things you can do during the spring to ensure that your trees have a healthy headstart to grow into majestic beauties. 

1. Pruning

Ice, snow, and wind can majorly damage your trees over the winter. When you combine these elements with age and disease, your trees usually have dead or diseased branches. 

Spring is the perfect time to schedule one of your local tree services to prune these damaged branches off your trees. While you may be able to cut back the branches or limbs on some of your smaller trees, it is best to leave the larger ones to the experts. They have the proper equipment and expertise.

2. Cleaning

The next step you want to take in your tree care involves a thorough cleaning around your trees and flower beds. Rake up all the loose debris left by falling limbs and winter storms. Clean up the old leaves and mulch. Prepare a circle around your tree's base to prepare for mulch.

3. Fertilizing

Once the tree service prunes your trees and you clean up the resulting debris, you can maximize their growth by fertilizing them. Fertilizer is best applied early before your trees begin showing new growth. If you add new trees to your landscape, avoid fertilizing them until after their first growing season. 

Fertilizer comes in both organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizer comes from plant or animal sources. Inorganic fertilizer is a synthetic compound comprised of minerals and synthetic chemicals. The best type of fertilizer will depend on the kind of trees you have and your soil's composition. 

4. Mulching

Placing mulch down around your trees helps form a protective barrier around them. The mulch mimics the natural environment found in the woods, where leaves, branches, and other organic materials would blanket the base of your trees.

The mulch helps keep weeds away and replenishes the soil's nutrients as it decomposes. Mulch helps your trees retain more water and reduces rain runoff. It can increase water infiltration and slow evaporation. Applying a thick circle of mulch will also beautify your yard and protect your trees from damage from your lawnmower. 

Contact local tree care services to learn more.

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