Does Your Tree Need Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting sounds like something King Charles might have to do. It also sounds like a procedure your dentist can help you with. However, it's nothing to do with a crown you wear or a dental crown and is all to do with the trees in your yard. A crown lift is a type of pruning, and if you have tall trees on your land that haven't been professionally pruned for some years, crown lifting is something to consider.

Low-Hanging Branches

Crown lifting allows even larger trees to have a manicured appearance, and it's beneficial for safety too. It's a form of tree pruning that targets the low-hanging branches and their foliage, shining the spotlight on the tree's upper canopy (its crown). The crown of the tree isn't technically lifted but is emphasized. 

Light and Views

The reduction of low-hanging branches can give the tree a more open appearance, allowing light to shine through. This makes it a valuable form of tree maintenance when you'd like a little more direct sunlight in your yard, but don't want to sacrifice any of your trees to do so. Your views may also be improved once crown lifting has been performed. It's not only the aesthetics of the process that are important.

Property Safety

The strategic removal of low-hanging branches can improve access over driveways and walkways and can help to create some space between the tree and any adjacent structures. The tree in question may still be close to your home or another building on your land, but it won't be in direct contact with it, reducing the risk of the tree causing any property damage. How easy is crown lifting?

Secondary Branches

The process may not seem complicated, yet results are assured if you call in a company that offers professional tree pruning services. They'll target secondary branches only, leaving primary branches intact. Removal of these key growths would jeopardize the health of the tree to an unacceptable degree. A healthy tree can tolerate the loss of secondary branches.

Tree Assessment

Using professional tree services also ensures that the tree's health will be assessed before work commences. Only a predetermined amount of the tree's growth will be removed, leaving enough to allow the tree to maintain itself. It's easy for someone inexperienced to get carried away, removing more foliage than is healthy, leaving the tree vulnerable to fungal or parasitic infection.

A crown lift can transform the appearance of an untidy tree, and even though its crown hasn't been lifted, the tree will seem to stand taller.

For more info about tree pruning, contact a local company. 

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