Poplar Trees Often Benefit From These Services

Poplar trees are native to North America. They are known for their stunning, bright green leaves and the unique catechins that they develop in the spring and summer. A poplar tree can be a beautiful addition to your yard. Their tall, straight trunks make them easy to plan for and landscape around. However, it is important to know that poplar trees often benefit from a little extra care. Here are three tree services that your poplar tree will benefit from.

Regular Pruning

Many tree species can benefit from regular pruning, but this is especially true of poplar trees. They are a really fast-growing type of tree. This means that if they start growing in an unwanted direction or shape, you don't have very long to correct it. If you have your poplar tree trimmed every year, especially when it is young, then it will take on a more attractive shape. 

Poplar trees can also form what's known as suckers. These are essentially new trunks or branches that emerge from the roots. They should be pruned away by a tree trimmer, preferably when they are small.

Deep Watering

Poplar trees do need quite a lot of water to thrive. This is especially true when they are young and growing quickly. They can develop deep roots, but only if the soil in the area is loose and friable. 

A tree care company can perform a service called deep watering. They'll essentially create a narrow, deep hole in the soil near the tree roots. Then, they will put water down that hole, moistening the deep soil where the tree's roots are located.

Soil Testing and Fertilization

Another good service is soil testing. Your tree care company can collect a soil sample and send it to a lab to analyze the levels of nitrogen, potassium, and other nutrients. Then, based on the results, they can add fertilizing nutrients to the soil. This will ensure your poplar tree has everything it needs to grow healthy and strong. Homeowners sometimes notice that their trees' leaves become more colorful, more abundant, or larger after fertilization.

If you have a poplar tree in your yard, consider caring for it in the ways above. An annual appointment for pruning, deep watering, soil testing, and fertilization can go a long way. Talk to a tree service company in your area to get a quote, or to learn more about caring for a poplar tree. 

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